Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pictures from Red Bull's Crashed Ice 2015 in Saint Paul

Since there was no regular NHL hockey on this weekend due to the NHL's All Star break, I went to Red Bull's Crashed Ice Event in Saint Paul Friday afternoon. I thought I would share the pictures I took. I apologize if some of them appear "grainy," the only camera I had was the one on my iPhone. 

The events I saw were the individual practice runs in the afternoon and part of the team qualifying that evening. The field of 64 individual event was scheduled to take place Saturday night (where they are saying approximately 140,000 people attended. 

This year was the first year I actually went. All the pictures in this post are ones I took. I also have a couple of short videos I shot while close to the starting line.

According to, the Saint Paul Course (which started above the steps of the Cathedral of Saint Paul) was the longest course of this season. This was also the first of five races (the other three races will be held in Helsinki, Belfast, and Edmonton). 

One of two ice sculptures for the event near the Cathedral of St. Paul
Some of the individual practice runs (yes, I was able to get THAT close to the track!):


Pictures from around the course:


The Cathedral of Saint Paul lit up (where the starting line was located, I think it was 17 feet above the top steps of the Cathedral):


The Downtown Saint Paul skyline from the course

Now, for some of the action from the team event (they came by pretty quickly!). I will admit, I don't shoot the greatest videos.

Here are some photos I got of the action:



For more pictures from the event and to find out race results, click on

Enjoy and the regular hockey posts will be back this week! 

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