Sunday, October 5, 2014

Favorite Hockey Memes and e-cards

It IS October and with that, it’s like Christmas for us hockey fans—the 2014-2015 NHL season starts this week. More importantly, the Minnesota Wild season starts on Thursday, October 9. (I can already hear that “Let’s Play Hockey” in my head!)

In honor of the season opener, I thought I would compile my favorite hockey memes and e-cards (I can’t leave those out!) These have been compiled from the internet, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

(FYI--this MAY become a regular thing!)

So, here we go! 

These two memes about the officiating are ones I found during the 2014 Stanley Cup play-offs. Some of the officiating was HORRIBLE! 

Definitely was true during the playoffs! 
Another good one from the playoffs 

This meme I had actually posted on my Instagram account during the first round Avalanche-Wild series. 

I had to include one about Sidney--can't stand him at all, but I will not deny the fact that he is a good player (and an excellent diver).

I had to include this one--I'd say the comparisons are true.....

One of my favorite hockey e-cards. I had to include this after having to listen to someone talk about football being better than hockey....

This will be me come Thursday night 


I had to include this minion pic! 

This is just a sample of what I have. Let me know what you think. If you have some good ones and are on twitter, this blog is on twitter at @stickshappen. The e-mail for this blog is

Happy Hockey season everybody!! 

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